Airdrie's 2012 official census results released

airdrie city sign in sun QE2

The official Airdrie census results were brought before City Council Tuesday night and, as expected, the City continues to grow.

The 2012 numbers show a total of 45,711 residents, a 5.92 percent growth rate compared to 8.37 percent in 2011. The City's population grew by 2,556 or seven new residents per day, versus 3,333 last year. Kalbie Hokanson was Honourary Mayor for the Day, July 3, and said "We welcome our new residents and are very happy that they chose Airdrie as their new home."

Mayor Peter Brown reacted positively to the findings, saying "This growth rate gives us some breathing room. Opportunities and challenges come with a steady growth rate. For example, our new fire stations and the Police Building were built to serve a larger future community so a manageable growth rate is good news."

In 2012, 1,097 new homes were built in Airdrie, an increase of 6.82 percent, totalling 17,174. This includes single-family and multi-family residential options. Windsong, Williamstown and King's Heights are essentially new neighbourhoods that witnessed the heaviest growth.

54 percent of residents completed the survey online in 2012.

Sharon Pollyck, the City's Manager of Legislative Services and Corporate Communications, says "The City of Airdrie is thrilled with the commitment from our enumerators and the response from Airdrie residents both online and at the door; their participation in the 2012 census helped ensure the City achieved a complete and accurate number."

Complete census results will be posted on theĀ City of Airdrie website this fall.

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