APhoto of Atticus.

Atticus is a very timid but beautiful tempered cat. He was surrendered as his life-long owner was no longer able to care for him. He took about a month to feel comfortable in his foster home and with his foster mom. She says this about him...You have to gain his trust. Once this happens he loves to be petted. He must have been on a feeding schedule as he sits by his feeding station around 7 in the morning and at supper time. Waiting for his wet food to be delivered. He loves to sleep in secluded areas and once fed, leaves to find those areas. He is very timid with new people and loud noise. However, he is comfortable with his new dog friend in his foster home. For sure he will need to go to a quiet and calm home and have the time to adjust. But as soon as he is comfortable, he will be a perfect addition. A sweetheart of a boy.

AirdrePhoto of Aura!

Introducing Aura, the epitome of feline affection and charm. This sweet girl thrives on human connection, finding her happiest moments nestled on your chest, showering you with kisses. While she may be a bit cautious around dogs, her love for people knows no bounds. Aura enjoys the company of other cats but truly blossoms in the presence of her human companions. Bring Aura home, and you'll discover a loving and devoted friend who fills your days with warmth and laughter.

aPhoto of Bear!

Bear started his short life as a wild baby until he found the love of humans and the joys of a home. He joined us with his sister Grasie and it may be best they have a home without other cats (or dogs). Bear is a little on the shyer side at first but will melt as soon as he gets a head rub. Bear and Grasie are a bonded pair so it would be best to adopt both. Bear is usually napping in a soft fluffy bed and always within paws reach of his sweet Grasie.

aPhoto of Budwizer!

Introducing Budwizer! This adorable feline is a social butterfly who thrives on love and cuddles. Budwizer just can't resist following you around, soaking up all the attention he can get. Plus, he's already microchipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated. Don't miss the chance to let this lovable kitty steal your heart - reach out to the shelter today!

aPhoto of Confetti!

Meet Confetti. This sweet girl is new to shelter life, but she gets along well with the other feline residents . She is not a fan of dogs as they can be big and loud. She likes to play with the laser pointer and will chase a ball around. Confetti would love a nice window spot to watch the birds and relax. Call the shelter today to meet this sweet girl.

aPhoto of Dory!

Meet Dory, a stunning girl with a wonderful personality! This lovely sweetheart loves attention and cherishes every moment of it. When she's not busy, Dory absolutely adores snuggling on laps and receiving belly rubs-it's her favorite pastime! Don't miss the chance to meet this charming lady today! Give the shelter a call and schedule an appointment to meet this gorgeous girl. Hurry, she's eagerly waiting to meet you!

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