The Thumbs Up Foundation in Airdrie is hosting the first-ever Peace in the Park on Sunday and alongside Indigenous performers, musical therapists, and youth singers the event will feature live musical performances throughout the day. 

Among those musical performances is the country foursome Nice Horse.

The band is made up of Krista Wodelet (drums and vocals), Brandi Sidoryk (vocals and bass), Katie Roxx (vocals and acoustic guitar), and Tara McLeod (electric guitar and vocals).

Marissa from Air Afternoons had the chance to chat with Brandi to talk about the band, their backstory, and what makes Airdrie's Peace in the Park the perfect place for them to perform. 

Nice_Horse_Photo_2Photo provided by James Grieg (@au5um on Instagram)

When did the four of you first decide you wanted to professionally make music together?

When we first started this band, it was kind of an accident. We were already friends that got along. We were in Hawaii on a vacation together and we were all already songwriters and so we started writing songs together and by the end of the week, out there in Hawaii, we decided we were a band.

Where did the name Nice Horse come from?

It was a bit of a joke and a bit of a nod to my dad, who is an Alberta farmer. His favorite movie is The Man From Stoney River because he says it has a really nice horse in it. It was truly a joke and something funny that became the band's name.

For you, personally, was country always the genre you wanted to perform?

I started my music career in opera. That's what I went to school for. My dad would always go to my opera recitals and I would ask him how he liked it and he always used to say "It was okay but I wish you would sing just one country song though!" and we would both laugh. Country music is the music that I grew up on and it's nice to go full circle.

What made you guys decide Peace in the Park was an event you wanted to be a part of?

The idea of raising awareness for mental health is a super important thing for us. It's always been a big priority with us as a band, so being tied with an event that is doing exactly that is really fitting for us. We have ties to Airdrie. One of our members was born and raised here and we used to rehearse at her farm just outside of Airdrie so the city holds a very special place in our hearts. 

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Peace in the Park in Airdrie is being held at Nose Creek Regional Park on June 26 from 11am to 9pm. Get more information on Peace in the Park by CLICKING HERE.