The Time Travellers Car Club is set to host their annual Doin' It on the Grass car show on August 6 at Nose Creek Regional Park, bringing car enthusiasts to Airdrie from all over the province! 

This year will mark the 21st anniversary for the annual show n shine which will hope to see 500 cars for Airdrionians and visitors to check out, the event hopes to see around 6000 people throughout the day, come together to share the passion about cars Time Traveller Club president Jane Bruce says.

"It's a passion that is shared through the generations, we often talk about these old 54' Chevy's that are in barns and in pristine conditions. Well, that's because that was somebodies great grandfather's truck". 

The show will run in the park from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will have a variety of activities around the park to keep all ages entertained.

Big Fun Inflatable Park will be there to keep kids entertained, eight different food trucks will be there, and family yard games will also be at the show. The food trucks will offer a variety of food from, warm meals, ice cream, snow cones, and even a healthy alternative Bruce says. 

A live performance will also be happening during the show Bruce said, the band Prodigy will be coming to play live music. 

There is no admission fee for the event but a donation to the Airdrie Food Bank or Veterans Food Bank would be appreciated Bruce said. 

To register a car for the show 'n' shine, the fee will be $15 per vehicle with all the proceeds from the car show going to local Airdrie charities, which members of the car club will vote on in the future. 

For Bruce she hopes to share the passion of cars with the community and help bring everyone together after COVID-19.

"It's a passion that's shared through the generations and its passed down. We often talk about these old 54 Chevy's that are in barns, they're in pristine condition. Well that's because that was somebodies Great Grandfather's truck. To see people come out and go, 'Oh my gosh, my dad used to drive this or my granddad used to have one of these that's the type of emotion and memory we want to bring up'". 

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