The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce is excited to continue the relationship they already have with the re-elected United Conservative Party (UCP) government.

Marilyne Aalhus, Executive Director of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce said it's nice to have Airdrie's ridings represented in a majority government.

"It is a valuable asset to know that our representative has a voice when they are going to Edmonton to speak on behalf of Airdrie and our region. That is definitely a positive for the Airdrie community and for our chamber as a whole."

Airdrie-East re-elected Angela Pitt as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and Peter Guthrie was re-elected for Airdrie-Cochrane. 

"We did have policies that we're already pushed forward through our provincial network. Here locally, we do work carefully and closely with all elected officials. In having this vote come through, and UCP still being the majority, the continuity will help move forward on some of the work that was already started with this party."

When asked what she hopes to see for Airdrie with the election now in the rearview mirror, Aalhus wants to see Airdrie become a well-known place.

"It's important for not only residents but for the business community to make sure that we are represented provincially.  We need our province to see where we stand, and we need them to support us financially."

The official announcement of the results of Alberta's provincial election will take place on Thursday, June 8. In the last provincial election in 2019, there were 1,896,542 valid ballots counted, with 8970 rejected ballots, and 854 declined ballots.

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