There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic is causing tough times for many businesses across the country.

Here in Airdrie, it’s no different. Many businesses have been mandated by the government to close or have implemented rules that have impacted their ability to operate normally.

One of those businesses was F45 Training Airdrie. The gym closed its doors to the public on March 16, just before all gym and fitness centres across the country were mandated to close on March 17.

Owner Dylan Dagenais said they were left scrambling to get something together for their clients to continue working out at home.

“We didn’t wait around, we didn’t wait to roll out our online training program. We created a zoom meeting account, a Youtube, a Vimeo account and we just started filming,” Dagenais explained. “We got all of our members to jump on their laptops, to jump on their phones and they are now following at-home workouts.”

It wasn’t an easy transition and Dagenais said they have run into several issues and had to make plenty of adjustments to get it to work.

“We went through crazy technical issues trying to figure out what works and had lots of feedback,” he said. “I think we’ve finally got it in a place where people are happy, they’re starting to create a routine.”

“They’re working out in front of familiar faces and still getting their sweat on. We know how important it is in these times to get that mental health up and it helps to boost your immune system too.”

While it has been a challenge there may be a bit of a silver lining for this Airdrie business, as the innovations they are working on now could potentially be incorporated into their business model once the pandemic is over.


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