If you are looking to join the Airdrie Fire Department, this might be your chance.

On Tuesday, the City of Airdrie made a job posting looking for four new paramedic firefighters. These four positions come after the recently approved 2024 City of Airdrie budget.

"This allows our minimum staffing levels to go from 12 firefighters to 13 firefighters per shift," stated Airdrie Fire Chief Mike Pirie.

To become an Airdrie firefighter, there will be a lot of different testing that will take place, according to Pirie. 

"We get right into the written aptitude tests, physical assessments, medical scenarios and then the interviews."

The goal for these four firefighters is to be in training for March and April and then fully ready to go by May to change the minimum staffing levels.

"We're looking for a very specific individual with a very specific set of qualifications. We're looking for individuals who understand what public service is and that they understand that it's a great place to work. In Airdrie, not only is our primary focus the people we serve, but the individuals who deliver that care are valued."

When it comes to what these firefighters could expect if they were to get the job, the scenarios go beyond basic firefighting.

"We're looking at hazardous materials response at an operational level, we deliver a full suite of technical rescue, whether it's ice rescue, confined space or vehicle extrication. We expect them to have fire prevention knowledge, as a lot of our calls are related to alarm systems, sprinkler systems and general engagement with the public. In addition to that, in Airdrie, a large percentage of our call volume is medical, so, we expect them to be very proficient in that as well."

Pirie is very grateful that the city notices that these four new firefighters will make a big difference within Airdrie and the service level they can provide.

Also, within the budget, council approved the new Highland Park Fire Station and training center.

To apply for the job or learn more, click HERE.

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