A new scam has been popping up around Airdrie and the local RCMP is reminding residents to not fall for it.

The scam encompasses a text from a local number stating you were caught speeding in a school zone. The text then asks for you to click a link so you can deal with the violation without going to court.

Cpl. James McConnell of the Airdrie RCMP Community Policing Unit stated if you receive texts like this, you should always check to see if they are a real thing before clicking. 

"I think anytime people are receiving those types of phishing emails or text messages, they should be leery."

According to McConnell, the RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs or Municipal Enforcement don't do business that way.

"If you violated one of the rules of the road, you might get a ticket in the mail, or pulled over and stopped in the traditional sense."

If you are unsure and what to check, it's always safer to ask the RCMP before clicking anything.

"Often officers will call people and send letters and other correspondence to get in contact with them to address legal issues, but not in a manner where you have to click a link."

Other residents have reported receiving texts like this from outside of the province or parking ticket-type offences.

McConnell finished off by saying if you have fallen for a scam, it's important to contact the RCMP.

"Make a report and allow us to investigate and hopefully recover what you lost or hold those accountable who are responsible."

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