Russ McKeage, Community Safety Officer, Airdrie Fire Department with the new MRV

The City of Airdrie’s first Mobile Response Vehicle (MRV) is now ready to hit the streets. 

The new vehicle provides a more comfortable environment which, in difficult and emotional situations with witnesses, is imperative to get accurate information. It is equipped with technology such as video and audio recording devices, allowing investigators to replay witness interviews if required and provide visual cues and observations where they used to rely on written statements only.

Onboard technology also includes WiFi, allowing the officer to input information immediately, which is critical in providing details to internal and external partner agencies in a timely manner. Additionally, the MRV is capable uploading photos and videos from witnesses right on the scene, which in the past has taken several weeks to complete.

A huge factor in the ability to have a MRV in Airdrie was the opportunity staff took to leverage an existing ambulance that was decommissioned when the Province took over EMS service. The Airdrie Fire Department, along with the Fleet Services department, repurposed the ambulance, renovating it inside and out.

Russ McKeage, Community Safety Officer with the Airdrie Fire Department, is pleased with this new addition to the department's fleet:

“Not only is the vehicle outfitted with the latest in mobile technology, it can become a mobile hotspot, extending its internet access to partner agencies when needed,” says Paul Hurst, Network Administrator, City of Airdrie. “Making the MRV also integral in large scale emergency situations such as our 2010 train derailment,” adds Hurst.