Despite the springtime affair with temperatures predicted around 16 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the sun and warmth will be short-lived.

Yesterday, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued a special weather statement for Airdrie and the surrounding areas, warning of a multi-day snow event. The region is bound for yet another wild temperature swing.

From Tuesday to Wednesday evening, temperatures could fluctuate upwards of 19 degrees downward. Meteorologist Heather Pimiskern explained that cold arctic air will be pushing into our region.

"[And] that will generate some precipitation in the form of rain and snow, which will generally transition over to snow Wednesday night into Thursday," she said. "The snow will continue for several days. As far as snowfall amounts, it's hard to pin down at this point, how much will occur over Airdrie itself."

According to ECC's special weather statement, snowfall amounts will vary greatly between the mountainous regions and areas to the east.

"Snowfall totals for areas along the foothills and in the mountain parks: 10 to 30 centimetres. For areas east of Highway 2: five to 10 centimetres."

While the wet and cold weather will bring snow, Pimiskern said that road conditions will be influenced by the temperatures preceding the weather.

"Initially, it could be that the roads [will] be fine. However, it also depends on the intensity of the snow. If you have a quick burst of snow over a region that can cool the pavement temperatures so that snow can accumulate much more quickly."

However, Pimiskern underlined that this kind of weather is not unusual for southern Alberta in April.

"The region is under a drought at the moment and the amount of precipitation is quite good for the region," she added.

The Farmer's Almanac has previously predicted that the first week of April will see a potential snowstorm. Cold and flurries will persist for another week or so, with cold rain replacing the snow in mid-April. The end of the month is also predicted to be wet and cool. 

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