The Selk family, took the win last night on Canada’s version of the longstanding games show Family Feud. Levi, an Airdrie resident who served as team Capitan along with the rest of the Selk family, who hail from Okotoks, are headed back tonight for the next round.  

Levi who is joined by sister Kyla, their father Jordi, his brother and sister-in-law Adam and Lara, didn’t do so hot in their practice rounds he said,   

“In our rehearsal round, we didn't do so hot. So as a family, we put our heads together and came up with a game strategy and it paid off, we played awesome. We worked together as a team; we came up with wicked answers.” 

It obviously worked out and you can catch the family's second episode airing tonight at 7:30 p.m. and is also available to stream on CBC Gem. 

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