Airdronians can expect more Traffic Safety Amnesty Days in the future.

The latest amnesty day, this past Sunday, September 17, saw a wider variety of vehicles participate in the event.

The City of Airdrie and Municipal Enforcement hosted the Traffic Safety Amnesty Day. Their officers were offering complementary vehicle safety checks, to anyone who stopped by, emphasizing education and awareness rather than enforcement. 

While the number of vehicles that stopped by was the same (around 10), more drivers with motorcycles stopped by to have their bikes checked.

"We had very good conversations with everyone that is their concerns," explained Carlo Margherit, who is a Municipal Enforcement Officer.

According to Margherit, he has heard a lot of concerns from bikers about Municipal Enforcement targeting them within Airdrie and he stated that is not true.

"This is about the citizens of Airdrie's concerns about noise. It doesn't matter if it's a car, truck or bike. If you're making excessive noise or your driving behaviour increases the noise, that's what we're targeting."

Margherit also stated if you are driving normally, meeting all the regulations, not being overly loud on purpose and not breaking the noise bylaw, you will not receive a ticket.

Sunday's event saw one car and two bikes that would have broken the noise bylaw which would have resulted in tickets if they were pulled over on Airdrie roads. But, since they showed up to the amnesty day, they were only informed and no personal information was taken down, other than they did not pass. 

Margherit still feels people are scared to show up to these events, but hopes he is able to spread the word that these events are for education purposes only and nobody will get in trouble if the vehicle does not pass the inspection.

While still working with his team to try and have a hard-set date for the next Traffic Safety Amnesty Day, Margherit hopes to see one in October.

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