Today, the Alberta government announced that they are investing an additional $16 million into affordable housing.

The funds will be used to revitalize and bring outdated affordable housing units back into use across Alberta.

Although the $16 million has not yet been distributed, it will be used to pay for maintenance and repair projects like window replacement, roof repair, and interior environment improvement to help bring units up to date and ensure they can still be used as affordable housing for years to come.

“We know the need for affordable housing continues to grow. Alberta’s government is committed to maintaining existing units while continuing to invest in new homes. By revitalizing outdated units, we are providing safe, stable homes for Albertans in need,” stated Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services.

Families and individuals who can afford housing can better their quality of life and use their income for other necessities. By making improvements to existing housing, Albertans will have access to affordable housing that fits their budgets both today and in the future, according to the provincial government.

Arlene Adamson, President of Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association explained “as an important part of Alberta’s affordable housing strategy, this injection of funding is vital to maintaining our current assets that strive to provide suitable living accommodations to Albertans. ASCHA and its members appreciate this investment and future investments that protect our current supply and look to increase the housing supply to meet the growing demand.”

Earlier this year, through Alberta’s Affordable Housing Partnership Program and Budget 2023, two Airdrie projects received funds from the provincial government.

Airdrie received a total of  $5.4 million from the program, $4 million will go towards Rocky View Foundation (Abrio Place) while $1.4 million went to Airdrie Housing Limited (the project across from Genesis Place, the old Super 8 Hotel and HomeStay Express). 

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