The Alberta Crop Report, reporting up to May 14, shows that significant precipitation fell in the majority of areas in the South, Central, and North East regions near the start of the month.

Despite creating seeding delays, the precipitation was welcomed by producers and has notably improved growing conditions. Areas in the Peace and North West regions received significantly lower or no rainfall last week allowing seeding progress to continue uninterrupted.

Provincial seeding progress of major crops is reported at 33 per cent, ahead of the five-year historical average of 28 per cent for this week. Seeding progress of major crops remains ahead of the five-year average in all regions, with the exception of the South Region, with the Peace Region and North West Region the furthest ahead of average.

Crop report progress

Recent precipitation improved surface soil moisture ratings in all regions of the province except the Peace. Provincial surface soil moisture good-to-excellent ratings are reported as 72 per cent, above the five-year average of 58 per cent and the 10-year average of 63 per cent. 

Crop report precipitation

Growth conditions for pasture this week are notably higher across the province, with provincial good-to-excellent growth conditions reported as 53 per cent, ahead of the five-year average of 46 per cent. 

crop report pastures