Airdrie surpassed the 10-year-average of homes being sold this past April. Just under 200 detached homes were sold last month. The price range for a house in Airdrie has also seen more homes being sold for close to half-a-million dollars this month. 

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) monthly summary, “This is the sixth consecutive month where the months of supply has remained below one month. The benchmark price reached $480,600 in April, reflecting a year-over-year gain of 29 per cent.” 

Airdrie saw a 7 per cent share of the total share of sales in the region. However, Calgary continues to have the lion’s share around the area. Last month the sales to new listings ratio in Airdrie was 96 per cent, which meant that Airdrie beat out Calgary in that category. The average price for a home in Airdrie is lower than Calgary’s, but it is inching upwards. 

In April, the average home price in Airdrie was $490,616 to Calgary’s $532,093. The benchmark price for a home in Airdrie does continue to be lower in comparison to Calgary’s. Last month the benchmark price for a house in Airdrie was $480,600 compared to Calgary’s 526,700. 

“Prices have improved across all property types, but the largest gains are in the detached sector with an April price pushing just above $550,000. This is nearly 33 per cent higher than levels recorded last April,” according to CREB.  

Detached homes are the most popular in Airdrie, making up the bulk of the real-estate sales with just under 200 homes sold. Apartments have gained popularity, especially in comparison with last year, while semi-detached home sales have stayed static between April 2021 and April of this year. Airdrie has also gone above and beyond the ten-year average for home sales in 2021 and 2022. The last time Airdrie went above the 10-year average was in 2013 and 2014.  


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