It looks as though Bill C-234 has taken another hit in the Senate. 

Bill C-234 called for the removal of the carbon tax on natural gas and propane used for on farm use for grain drying, irrigation, heating, and cooling livestock barns and greenhouses.

Tuesday afternoon the Senate voted 40 to 39 in favor of Quebec Senator Pierre Dalphond's amendment to remove barns from the legislation.

The amended bill now goes back to the House of Commons.

The Bill was introduced in the Senate by Conservative Senator David Wells.

Wells posted a message to producers on his X account following the vote.

 "My message today is to Canada’s farmers, ranchers, growers and to those who dry grain.We lost the vote on the amendment to Bill C-234. We were one vote shy of defeating the amendment. This bill is now gutted. It is likely that this will now die by process back in the House. It’s difficult to think that some in power would have our key food producers carry this tax burden. Our job should be to make operations in the food industry less expensive, not more expensive. Food is not a luxury."