It was a long day for Airdrie's council as they heard many presentations on how the 2023 capital and operating budgets need to be adjusted. The presentations they heard include 2023 Proposed Personnel Costs, 2023 Proposed Fees and Charges, Community Growth and Protective Services, Community Infrastructure, Environmental Services, Community Services and Administrative Services.

In 2023, major capital spending is proposed to include:

  • Design for the expansion of the snow storage facility.
  • Land acquisition for a waste & recycling facility.
  • Public works yard redevelopment.
  • Chinook Winds site development.
  • Sewer collection system rehabilitation.
  • A number of roadway rehabilitation projects.
  • A new fire truck.

The 2024 and 2025 proposed capital budgets include major projects such as:

  • The fourth fire hall design is planned for 2024 with construction beginning in 2025 at a total estimated cost of $27 million.
  • South regional lift station.
  • Wastewater force main construction to Calgary.
  • Regional park land development (for the new regional park in the NE)
  • Ron Ebbesen mid-life lifecycle project.
  • A new regional recreation centre.
  • Various roads, engineering structures and utility projects.
  • The 2023 operating budget includes $690,000 that will go directly into the General Capital Reserve.

When it comes to the 2023 - 2025 proposed total operating budget. An already inflated budget that was set in 2022 will see expenses outweigh the city's revenue for this upcoming year, and it will only get more challenging.

Operating BudgetScreenshot was provided by the city of Airdrie.

Council was also presented with the proposed capital budget for this upcoming year and the next few years up to 2032.

BudgetScreenshot was provided by the city of Airdrie.

If this proposed budget was passed as is, it has been laid out where each and every tax dollar will go towards and what category.



BudgetScreenshot was provided by the city of Airdrie.

When it comes to residential taxes, they're more than likely will be an increase, With the proposed budget set to $187.6 million dollars, to maintain existing levels of service an extra $5.1 million is essential. 

On average for every household, Municipal Tax will see a slight increase. In 2022 the Municipal Tax was $1,985 the proposed tax for 2023 is $2,130, which is a difference of $145

When it comes to Environmental Services there will be a proposed change of $178. The 2022 cost for Environmental Services was $1,661, it is now being proposed to be bumped to $1,839.

Businesses will also be affected.

BudgetScreenshot was provided by the city of Airdrie.

Deliberations on the budget will continue tomorrow as the council discusses if it's logical to supply the increased budgets each city service is asking for. The final numbers are still being decided, the numbers above are just whays being proposed.

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