The City's Municipal Enforcement and the Airdrie RCMP are investigating a May 13 incident regarding tires being dumped at the All Fitts Auto property.

On May 16, All Fitts Auto posted security camera footage to their social media showing a truck pulling up and discarding the tires. 

"I’d really like to meet the person who thinks I don’t have enough on my plate, that they can just come and dump all their scrap tires at our business that we’re trying to piece back together," All Fitts Auto wrote on their social media. 

Since the initial post last week, it was confirmed that Zulu Challenge a company which organizes obstacle course events around the province was involved in the incident.

According to the website Eventbrite, Zulu Kids Challenge Airdrie 2023, took place on May 13. However, Tosh Mugambi, the founder of Zulu Challenge said he has taken full accountability for the tire dumping incident. 

According to Mugambi, the materials that his organization uses for the obstacle course, including tires are often found in the city in which particular events take place. He said that instead of transporting the materials, he goes to tire shops or finds discarded tires in alleyways and utilizes them. Mugambi says that he had also found tires in the All Fitts Auto lot and decided to take them for the obstacle course. After the event, he said he drove back to the Airdrie business and placed them back, though he admits, he placed the other tires on the All Fitts property which he had found in other locations. 

"I take ownership 100 per cent," he said. 

Approximately five days after he had left Airdrie and was in another town in Alberta preparing for another event, Mugambi said that he received a message to get in touch with All Fitts Auto.

"I called them up and understandably, the gentleman was in an absolute rage. I didn't even bother to even try and make an explanation," he said. "The first thing I did was offer my apologies and I offered to rectify that immediately. I said that I was going to call somebody right now and they would come in and take them [the tires] out right away."

However, Mugambi claimed that the owners of All Fitts were not receptive to his offer and said that since the incident occurred, he has received a myriad of vitriol and hate on social media.

"I regret everything that happened and this is something that we had the opportunity to rectify privately. This is something I was more than happy to do. I was just never given that opportunity," Mugambi said. "I don't even know if I have an event anymore. Because all this happened; I am just getting completely dragged through the mud." 

On May 21 All Fitts Auto posted another social media update on the situation.

"Thanks for admitting fault and realizing what you did was wrong. I thought my idea of you coming back and volunteering your time now to help set up the tires at the Airdrie BMX track, where I've disposed of them properly, would have really shown you take accountability for your actions as a business owner."

Mugambi added that the incident has completely overshadowed the positives of the Zulu Challenge event and that the entire event has been painted with a negative brush. 

"I understand his anger and it rightfully so, but I don't even have a chance to take a look at what we did for the city - that's kind of lost."

Mugambi added that he had no idea that All Fitts Auto was closed due to an arson that had partially destroyed the business earlier this year. He said that he in no way was trying to add to any grief the business owners were experiencing and says since he found out about the arson, he feels even more remorseful about what occurred.

"It shouldn't have happened - that's the lesson here. [I think there's an] opportunity of him [the owner of All Fitts] maybe even forgiving me and [me] offering an opportunity to rebuild a relationship with him and maybe even do something together me. It's something that I just wish."

He says that he has now started picking up tires at landfills and then bringing them back after the obstacle course challenges are complete.

Airdrie RCMP stated that within the last year, there were 15 similar dumping-type offences, which are often investigated by Municipal Enforcement and County Officials.

"The provincial act which regulates this is the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. In this case, [it] would be a violation of Section 182 and a fine of $120. In addition, it may constitute the Criminal Code offence of Mischief, which if convicted can carry a fine of up to $5000," wrote Cpl. James McConnell of the Airdrie Community Policing Unit. 

According to the city's Waste Management Bylaw, prohibitions include bulk waste.

"Depositing items listed in section 4.1 in another person’s premises, at a donation site, on any Highway or any other lands owned by the City except as authorized - $400 fine," the city's bylaw states. 

All Fitts Auto was not available for comment at the time of publication. 

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