The fall-out continues from a parade float that was featured in Sundre over the weekend, which many have deemed to be offensive and racist. The Calgary Stetson Show Band posted a statement on their social media page condemning the parade float which featured a tractor pulling an individual dressed in a fake beard, with a turban and a suit. 

"The Calgary Round-Up Band and The Calgary Stetson Show Band do not condone the events that transpired at the Sundre Rodeo Parade. Effective immediately the bands will cease to attend this event until a time where event organizers can ensure a respectful environment that is inclusive of the highest standards," the band's Facebook page stated.

In a social media post on June 25 by the Sundre Pro Rodeo Parade, it was stated that "The Sundre Pro Rodeo Parade is meant to be a celebration of community. The committee is committed to celebrating community and showcasing a positive family experience. The entry was not approved and upon further investigation joined the parade without passing through any registration. To be clear it was NOT approved. The committee is committed to ensuring that entries will be reviewed in any future events to prevent this from happening."

Politicians in Alberta, including Conservative Finance Minister, Jason Nixon as well as Members of Parliament in Calgary have also taken to their Twitter accounts to voice anger and disgust. NDP leader Rachel Notley tweeted, saying, "This is deeply disturbing. This will cause more Albertans to feel unsafe in their own communities. There is no place for racism here. We must call it out in all forms and take a stand against it."

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