Taking the recommendation of a committee that worked on the new look, Crossfield Council has unanimously approved a new flag for its town. The new design was approved at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, May 1.

Highlighted on the new flag are a red maple leaf, the town's name, and an image of Pete Knight. Gone are the green and gold stripes of the previous version, replaced by the town's name.

"It's the existing flag, that a lot of folks aren't aware of, made current," describes Crossfield Mayor Nathan Anderson. "I think the committee did a wonderful job in their selection."

Pete Knight was added as the town looks to use that image as its trademark going forward.

Council agreed that the new flag respects the history of the town's previous flag, which was adopted and used for almost 23 years, while adding elements to make it more modern.

Local artists were asked back in November of 2011 to submit their design to replace the one designed by an 8-year-old back in 1989.