(With tongue planted firmly in cheek...)

In case you were wondering what to get your friendly neighbourhood Rangers, Neiman Marcus has come out with their annual Christmas Book. We think we've been nice, not naughty, and some of these items would be great additions around here!

This would look spectacular in our staff room! It's a rubber, limited edition ping pong table that sells for $45,000. Designed by artist Tom Burr, there will only be ten of them made. Think of the staff tournaments we could have on this cutie.

Or, how about a Range speedboat? We could use it to cruise up and down Nose Creek! It's a beauty, made of solid mahogany and takes 1400 hours to hand build. All that for a mere $250,000!

Yeah, we probably don't need a speedboat...but a Ferrari! We could definitely use a Ferrari! The Ferrari FF is GORGEOUS and had us all drooling over here. One of us, not saying who, wanted to know if it came with the cute dog. Priorities!

Or this would be GREAT for out front of our new station once we move in! How about dancing water, a la the Bellagio in Las Vegas? For $1,000,000 you could give us this great gift and really make our new digs stand out!

Oh, drat! Just read the fine print; this "deal" is only good in the U.S.

Seriously, we think most of these are pretty silly. We'd really be happy if you'd tune into The Range and pop by the station to say "hi!" That would be a great Christmas gift!