Fred Burley has always been busy, but nowadays, he is busier than ever trying to do what he feels is best for Airdrie’s youth.  

 After spending 15 years on City Council, from 2002-2017, Burley has stayed active in the community. He is currently the Chairman of Airdrie Housing, a member of Nature First Airdrie Rocky View Foundation, a member of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, and he volunteers time for the Boys and Girls Club, the Lioness Christmas Hamper, and the Airdrie Food Bank. 

Burley has now set his sights on Airdrie’s future, which he believes is its youth, which is why he is running for Rocky View School Board Trustee. 

“We need to get proper funding for our students, and Airdrie is one of the fastest-growing communities in the province. We had growth as high as 11% some years, and yet the funding didn't keep up.” 

Burley, a father of two, understands the significance of what good education can produce. His own children went off to university after going through the entire Rocky View School district. However, Burley says some things need to be addressed, and that’s what he plans on focusing on if elected. 

Burley’s priorities if elected as School Board Trustee on day one include advocating on behalf of parents and teachers for Alberta’s government to change the K-six draft curriculum.  

“That new proposed curriculum is not well written. I think it needs a total rewrite, and I think it needs more teacher input and input from parents in the community, and the trustees as well.” 

Furthermore, about the curriculum, Burley goes on to say “It's not appropriate for the grade they wrote it for. For example, in grade two social studies, some of the stuff they’re studying, talking to teachers who are actually there teaching, think that what they are learning in grade two should actually be taught in grade 5.” 

“Residential schools are only given a fleeting mention. It’s 100 years of our history and we need to learn about that. I was unable to find any mention at all about human rights, sexual orientation, or gender.” says Burley 

Burley is also making student and teacher safety a main priority, and not just during the pandemic 

“[We need to] continue to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, teachers and staff. Whether it's COVID or bullying, the whole gambit must be there.” 

He feels that equitable student funding has yet to be addressed and he plans on being the one to address it. 

“I think they [RVS] need a funding formula where this is just an example, say every student gets $100. Well, if we add another 10 students, we should get another $1000. But that's not how it works.” 

To get a more comprehensive understanding of Burley’s believes visit his website.   

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