Airdrie City Council heard the results of their annual citizen satisfaction survey.

This year's survey was conducted between January 9 and 27. 400 random residents were surveyed to make up a statistically valid and reliable sample of Airdrie's population, and that set of results was presented to council.

There is another set of results that all residents had the opportunity to complete, this year, an additional 571 responses were received through the open survey.

This year, 73 per cent of Airdronians surveyed, rated their quality of life as a four or five out of five which is up 1 per cent from last year's survey, although that survey had 598 responses compared to this year's 400.

One of the top reasons they saw an increase in Quality of Life had something to do with COVID.

"41 per cent of folks are saying the quality of life is increased because the COVID restrictions and lockdowns have been reduced or eliminated in the community," explained Tracy With, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Y Station Communications and Research Ltd.

The top reason why some residents felt that there was a decrease in quality of life was that the city is growing too fast and that it is crowded.

A larger decrease that was shown in the survey was the difference between 2022 and 2023 and how many people would recommend Airdrie to live in.

"Likelihood to recommend the city of Airdrie, 46 per cent. This is a very rigorous measure and to have 46 per cent putting you in the eight-nine or 10 out of 10 as a place to live, is an outstanding measure. Yes, we did see that decline from 54 per cent, but not a concern."

Another large change was the issues facing the city, including infrastructure, traffic, roads, train tracks, and construction came in at 50 per cent this year, up from last year's 29 per cent.

Healthcare, recreation facilities, snow removal, high taxes and rapid growth management all saw increases as well.

"76 per cent of residents consider Airdrie a safe place to live. Overall 90 per cent feel safe during the day and 61 per cent feel safe after dark."

One of the final questions asked on the survey is that if you were a member of the city council, what would your top one or two priorities be?

"Improving healthcare and the fact for the need for a formal hospital facility was mentioned by 31 per cent. Traffic at 15 per cent and 9 per cent mentioned the recreation facilities, lower taxes also mentioned by 8 per cent."

According to the survey, the average age in Airdrie is around 47 years old.

Airdrie Councillor Darrell Belyk mentioned he is excited to see how some responses change with the completion of a major project.

"It'd be very interesting to see after the fall of this year with 40th Avenue overpass opening the numbers that'll change."

The motion was made to accept the survey results and presented as information.

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