What better way to celebrate summer - also known as grilling season - than to eat some burgers in support of Canadians living with Multiple Sclerosis? 

A&W is hosting their annual Burgers to Beat MS day on August 18, with $2 from every Teen Burger sold going towards those in the community living with MS. 

On average, 12 Canadians are diagnosed with MS every day, and Burgers to Beat MS at A&W has raised more than $17 million to show their support.  

Aside from ordering Teen Burger, there are other ways to donate! You can round your total up to the nearest dollar when ordering, you can head to the official Burgers to Beat MS donation page, or you can take a photo of any M or S you see and cover the letters with burger emojis! For every photo posted that tags @awcanada they'll donate $2 to the MS Society, up to $40,000. 

Where does your donation go? According to the A&W website, your donation "provides funding to advance treatment and care. It supports enhanced well-being, ensuring that people affected by MS receive quality access to the support they need. It funds research aimed at halting disease progression through understanding the mechanisms, underlying causes, and complexities of MS in order to help us reduce the number of people who develop the disease—and ultimately stop the disease before it starts." 

Marissa from Air Afternoons will be live on location at the A&W in Airdrie on August 18 to remind you that Burgers to Beat MS is happening!