The City of Airdrie has released its 2023 report on land and real estate-related growth metrics. Highlights from the report include Airdrie continuing to be one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada with a 26.8 per cent increase in population since 2016.

"[This] a 22 per cent increase in business licenses issued over five years, and a 44 per cent increase in employment from 2016 - 2022," a press release from the city stated.

Other key milestones reflected in the report include $540 million of investment in the city in 2022, as well as the projected population growth over the next decade.

"City Administration is forecasting a total 10-year population increase (2023-2032) of approximately 40,632 people, reflecting a 4.3 per cent average annual year-over-year growth rate of approximately 4,000 people a year. This could translate into Airdrie reaching a total population of 100,000 by 2028."

Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown said that Airdrie has long attracted new residents and businesses thanks to our ideal location and high quality of life.

"The growth report is an amazing tool for documenting that growth and helping us plan for the future."

One of the biggest changes to this third iteration of the report is the grouping of some statistics by their geographic area in the city.

“This year’s report highlights continued strong demand for residential real estate as well as strong levels of overall investment dollars in our community,” said Christa Sanders, economic development officer for the City of Airdrie.

“By breaking the city into sectors, this will better allow us to compare data on population, employment and development, helping to give us a clearer picture of what each sector will look like five or even 20 years down the road,” said Sanders. “This report has proved to be a vital tool for investors, developers, builders and businesses who are interested in being part of Airdrie’s tremendous growth and this change will help to further that.”

Airdrie’s growth report: tracking development and change consolidates key metrics that help to navigate Airdrie’s real estate landscape and provides information and data sets relating to population, employment and growth rates, on-residential development, current and future inventory of housing by type, as well as inventory of available and developable residential and non-residential lands, and projection of future land consumption.

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