One year has passed since the provincial government introduced the Kananaskis Conservation Pass and since then officials have said the pass has generated $12 million in revenue. With the one-year bench-mark also passing by means that conversation officers will now begin enforcing fines.

"During the first phase of implementation, enforcement efforts focused on educating visitors about the pass. In-person checks were carried out where officers were able to educate visitors or issue warnings as needed," states information on the provincial website.

The fines for not purchasing a pass will range from $150 for personal vehicles unless they are exempt to $350 for commercial vehicles. The price of a day pass that registers one vehicle is $15, while a yearly pass costs $90 and registers up to two vehicles.

"Only one pass per personal or commercial passenger vehicle is required. There is no extra cost for trailers or additional passengers. Pass purchases are non-transferable to another vehicle."

According to the province, the revenue of the passes goes towards protecting habitat and reducing wildlife conflicts, and public safety, which includes enforcement, search and rescue, as well as upkeep for services and facilities.

However, passes do not apply to vehicles that are travelling through the area without stopping, vehicles that are only loading or unloading passengers, as well as people arriving without a vehicle (on foot, horseback, or bicycle).

"Camping fees in parks, and user fees for specialized facilities like the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, still apply."

Passes can be bought online, though visitors are encouraged to buy their passes before arriving in the area. One can purchase a pass up until 11:59 P.M. on the first day of one's visit. Those who are recipients of Assured Income for Severely Handicapped (AISH), Income Support (IS), and the Alberta Adult Health Benefits and Alberta Child Health Benefits programs qualify for an exemption and do not need to purchase a pass.

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