Wednesday was World Read Out Loud Day, and many well-known Airdronians, members of the Calgary Flames and Calgary Stampeders took part in reading to Cooper's Crossing Elementary School.

Emily Marston, a local Airdronian who is well known for taking part in last year's Miss Canada beauty pageant, as well as having been the 2016 Airdrie Rodeo Queen and creating the Mud Pie Project, really enjoyed reading to the students.

"I feel really honoured to be invited to give back to the community and help this new and upcoming generation of students really find their passion for reading, but also find their passion for what's in our community."

Marston read a book written by local author Ayesha Clough called "Howdy, I'm Flores Ladue."

LocalsThe photo is filled with people that read to the students, including Emily Marston, who competed in the Miss Canada beauty pageant and 2016 Airdrie Rodeo Queen. RVS Superintendent Greg Luterbach, RVS Trustee Melyssa Bowen, Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown, Airdrie Councilwomen Tina Petrow, Calgary Flames Alumni Brent Krahn, and members of the Calgary Stampeders Mike Ross and Danielle McLoed and Rocky the Racoon. Airdrie RCMP member Maxime Bedard also read to the students but is not in the photo.

For Marston, reading is a way of learning while also getting to explore the world.

"Florence Ledoux really represents the women in rodeo and there's not a lot of women in rodeo in the western world, and to be able to share her story, which was beautifully written by Ayesha was an incredible feeling."

When asked if she would come back next year if she was invited, Marston mentioned she would absolutely jump at the opportunity and already has a story idea in mind.

"I think next year, it would be a little bit more something environmentally focused, or even about indigenous people."

Marston explained that it was great to sit there and see their faces as they saw the story, heard the words, and saw the pictures.

"You can really see them thinking about the questions that they want to ask and thinking about the possibilities of the future for them, but they are also finding a passion for reading as well, which is really cool."

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