With the Alberta Legislature set to break for the summer, Airdrie’s MLA said that the Government is still not working for her community.

Angela Pitt said she’s still very concerned over the NDP Government’s policies and how they’re affecting the province.

(Photo Courtesy: Angela Pitt)

Pitt said she has gone door to door with one major issue continuing to pop up.

“The number one thing on people’s minds is get rid of that Carbon Tax and get the pipeline built. When I talk to business owners in Airdrie, a lot of them are having a rough go. They’ve noticed a significant increase in their bills at the end of the month.”

Aside from that Carbon Tax, Pitt said the growing provincial debt actually worries her the most.

“This NDP Government has gone out of its way to handcuff future generations when it comes to governing this province. That’s certainly a concern for a lot of us that have kids because our kids are going to be the ones that bear the weight of this debt and they’re going to be the ones that suffer.”

When it comes to Airdrie, Pitt said that Rocky View Schools serves as a prime example of how the Carbon Tax and other measures are affecting the community.

RVS was faced with a $1 Million shortfall in their transportation budget and said it was primarily because of the Carbon levy and changes made through Bill 1, which prohibits certain fees from being charged by schools.

As the Legislature’s Spring Session is wrapping up, Pitt said she will still do what she can to stand up for Airdrie’s needs.

“It’s not OK to see what this government is doing to the constituents of Airdrie and I’m certainly going to let the government know that Airdrie is not happy with them.”


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