Andy Vermeer & Dion Baroldi of Airdrie Towing and Recovery Inc.

Airdrie Towing and Recovery Inc., an Airdrie-owned and operated towing company, has just claimed second place overall in an international competition involving hundreds of tow companies across Canada and the U.S. It was their flaming design that gave them the nod for the award, according to the company's Andy Vermeer who says there's fierce competition among towing companies to present their trucks in the best way possible.

Vermeer says his company has not only strived to be the best, but to look the best. Airdrie Towing & Recovery was the highest placing Canadian company with only one other Canadian in the showing, taking the third place win in another category.

Co-owner, Dion Baroldi says “it’s a tough competition to even get noticed, let alone place second!” Happy with the win, he feels that tow companies need to put as much into their appearance as their service.

“When your equipment looks great, people feel that it directly reflects what kind of service they will receive” says Dion. “People pay a lot of money for their vehicles, and having some broken down piece of junk towing their vehicle just doesn’t seem right”.