If you have never experienced the magic that is Rosebud Theatre, it's a hidden gem that combines wonderful food, friendly hospitality, and quality live theatre and entertainment in a tranquil river valley. 

It's a small stage with a big impact, thanks to the amazing staff and crew that take the theatre show and turn it into a very unique experience. 

Their most recent production, the Sound of Music, brings the renowned musical to the small stage. According to Morris Ertman, the Artistic Director of the Rosebud Theatre and the director of the production, there is a lot that goes into making all Rosebud shows so amazing and distinctive.

"It's a big show and we have a little stage, taking 25 actors and moving them fluidly through the story and making sure that the music sounds amazing, which is of course Deb Buck the Musical Director, is all part of the work, and it's mostly joy.  My hope is that because we're enjoying it, that people will also enjoy it because we're doing it for them." 

He also notes it's a hugely dramatic story about finding love, finding family, finding a place to be, and having to flee Austria as it's being invaded by Germany. Big things are happening to people, and the music comes out of that.

Playing Maria is Cassia Schmidt, who is a Rosebud theatre company member. Ertman said of the actor that her voice floats,

"A lot like Julie Andrew's voice floats and a really smart performance is coming out of her."

Captain Von Trapp is being played by Ian Farthing. He's a Vancouver actor and this is his first time in Rosebud. He comes with a ton of experience and is really game for a new take on the story said Ertman.

"It's been a lot of fun. Working with him and it's been kind of inspiring for him, I would say, and those are sort of the two principles, the central characters around which everything revolves"

The Music Director Deb Buck comes from Saskatoon and she's done the show several times, and she brought with her a rendition of the orchestral score that incorporates 2 grand pianos on stage.

The show runs from June 2nd - September 2nd and you can purchase your buffet and show tickets HERE. 

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