Airdronians are waking up to yet another gas hike at the pumps Monday morning. The hike is being attributed to the provincial government fully reinstating the province-wide fuel tax, as well as federal carbon prices being raised on the same day.

Some gas stations in Airdrie are reported to have hiked gas prices to $1.62 per litre for regular gas. The latest gas hike represents an estimated added 8 cents per litre for regular gas. 

The rise in gas prices comes days after gas stations in Airdrie and the surrounding areas had already hiked prices before the two taxes came into effect. Last Tuesday, gas prices rose several cents to approximately $1.54 per litre of regular gas.

According to the website, Gas Wizard, since Wednesday, March 21, when gas prices sat at an estimated $1.48 per litre in the Calgary area, prices have jumped 14 cents in 11 days. 

In late March, the province announced that the fuel tax relief program would be ending and that on April 1, the fuel tax would be reinstated in full at 13 cents per litre for gas and diesel, signalling a 4-cent rise in the tax, as it was already at 9 cents previously.

The end of the province's pause on the fuel tax today coincides with the rising price of the federal carbon tax. Before April 1, carbon pricing was set at $65 per tonne. Starting today, that cost will rise to $80 per tonne. As of today, the federal carbon tax for one litre of gasoline in Alberta will be a little over 17 cents, a rise of approximately 3 cents per litre. 

Both the province and the federal government have been criticized for their respective announcements. Last week, the Alberta NDP called on the ruling UCP government to 'cancel the planned hike in fuel taxes.'

"Considering the ongoing affordability crisis, and huge jump at the gas pumps already this week, Danielle Smith needs to do the right thing and cancel her gas tax hike,” said Parmeet Singh Boparai, Alberta NDP Critic for Consumer Protection.

The Canadian Tax Payers Federation (CTF) called the two taxes a, 'double whammy tax hike'.

"It’s disappointing to see this fuel tax hike coming from both Ottawa and Edmonton," Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta Director, Kris Sims said. "It’s pretty puzzling to see the NDP government in Manitoba and the Liberal government in Newfoundland and Labrador providing fuel tax relief for drivers, while the UCP government is cranking its fuel tax back up to full throttle here at home in Alberta."

According to the CTF, the federal carbon tax will cost about $12 extra to fill up a minivan and about $18 extra to fill up a pickup truck.

"Truckers filling up their big rigs with diesel will pay about $200 extra due to the carbon tax."

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has estimated that the national average for gas prices Canada-wide as of Monday was an estimated $1.58 per litre. 

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