The Heritage Day weekend from Friday, July 29th to Monday, August 1st may have been a holiday for most Albertans but it was anything but for Mounties in the province.

During four days of enforcement initiatives focusing on traffic safety, the Alberta RCMP gave out a total of 2,087 traffic tickets across the province.

Overall, 983 individuals were ticketed for speeding.  An additional 91 impaired drivers were removed from the roads while 44 others were fined for distracted driving.  Forty drivers were ticketed for driving without proper safety belt restraints.

Inspector Chris Romanchyck with Alberta RCMP Traffic Services says the Alberta RCMP were working to make the long weekend a safe and enjoyable holiday for those out on provincial streets and highways.

“By preventing and removing risks from the roads, the RCMP is committed to upholding traffic safety across Alberta.” 

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