This year's Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign set a record-breaking  $58,970.10 raised for the Airdrie Health Foundation.

With over 65 volunteers and over 200 volunteer hours, almost $10,000 more was raised compared to last year's amount, $49,418.55.

This year the funds raised will go toward three different items within the foundation.

  • Pregnancy and Beyond Program - $38,000
  • Pediatric Advance Life Support Training - $2478
  • Training equipment to be better prepared for certain scenarios - $17,765.10

Michelle Bates, the Executive Director of the Airdrie Health Foundation said she is so proud to see how many Airdronians and companies are willing to help the foundation.

"We were a grassroots group that started just advocating for better health care just over 12 years ago, becoming a larger group, having a larger voice, becoming a charity and now being able to establish ourselves in the community the way we have and have such a big organization [Tim Hortons] support us is amazing."

All smile cookies sold at Tim Hortons locations in Airdrie, Crossfield and Cross Iron Mills Mall went towards the foundation.

Willi Lobe, an Owner Operator of Tim Hortons was very happy with how the campaign went.

"We had a really great year. We had so much support from the community and the volunteers. It was our most successful year yet and we really enjoy doing it every year."

Lobe confirmed they will be back doing the Smile Cookie Campaign once again in the future.

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