Steve Jevne has released a new song and it's a song that's been in the works for quite some time. "Mr. Bartender,"  isn't just a melody; it's an anthem born from a wild night out and a decade-long journey of self-discovery.

"I started writing the song maybe 10 years ago and I think it was just after a rough night out, and then it kind of turned into a bit of an anthem. Then I just never wrote the rest of it until this year. I was always a little bit nervous that I was never going to justify what the song could.  But now that it's out, I'm quite happy with it."

Steve's roots run deep in Airdrie, where he's been strumming chords most of his life. He began with punk banks and open mic nights and has landed in his folk music style.

"I lived in Australia actually for a little bit and I came back in 2013 and I started hosting an open mic. At one point I thought in my brain that there was no music industry at all in energy. And. And then I quickly was corrected."

Recently he performed at the Know Where to Turn Run in Aidrie and over the weekend helped to end an era at the well-known Eau Claire Market, for their farewell event. He's about to take his talents on the road as his tour kicks off on Wednesday. He'll make stops all over between Vancouver and Airdire.

Steve has dreams of diving into the world of music production, while he loves performing for everything from chill dinner crowds to rody parties, his passion is rooted in production for his future. He is currently working with a few artists, one of whom you may recognize, Haley Isabel. He also hopes to have more for us at the end of June.

"I believe at the end of June there might be some stuff coming out. I have a few things on TAP right now and just figuring out release dates officially."

So, whether you're a punk rock rebel or a folk music aficionado, there's something for everyone in Steve's musical repertoire. You can get more details on his upcoming tour and venues, that Kick off Wednesday at Atlas Brewing here.