When it comes to Kenney’s Leadership vote being so close, Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt says a lot of things can happen to divide a party. 

“There are lots of reasons for division in the party. I think, for many of the people I talked to, the way in which the premier approached the people of Alberta was, in many ways, disrespectful and problematic. Obviously, 50 per cent of our members took it that way as well.” 

Pitt mentioned it's sad to see such division in what took so much effort to form: this conservative free-market enterprise coalition. 

“We've gone through some pretty terrible times over the last number of years, and rightly or wrongly, it was going to be tricky for a leader to survive. I think Jason Kenney has done a lot of really great things for the people of this province.” 

Pitt says there are a number of things Kenney did to help improve Alberta. 

“He is one of the cofounders of our UCP (United Conservative Party) unity project. Some really great policies have gone through legislation, and the economy is back on track. There are lots of things to celebrate here and there's lots of credit to be given to Jason Kenney.” 

It’s time for a new vision for the UCP party moving forward, according to Pitt. 

“I'm really excited that our members will have an opportunity to participate in this next vote, which is sort of the rejuvenation of our party as we move forward in offering the hopeful vision for the people of this province.” 

DiscoverAirdrie asked Pitt how the UCP could bring the leadership approval closer to the 75 per cent number instead of 50. 

“I think that will be the challenge of the leadership candidates in this upcoming race. Who is best suited to bring the party members together so we're a united force to keep the NDP out in 2023. I think that's one thing that Conservatives, Albertans, and the majority can agree on is that the threat of the NDP is certainly much worse than the issues from within.” 

Pitt says, moving forward, Albertans need to keep in sight what the main goal is.  

“To have a good future for our children and grandchildren. The United Conservative Party is the only party that can lead this province in that direction.” 

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