The City of Airdrie unveiled a new special swing today at Nose Creek Park.  

The idea to install these special swings at public playgrounds came from a local Airdronian, Sayde P., the Grade six student who won the Mayor for a Day contest in 2021.  

“'I’ve had a lot of friends that had special needs that couldn't play on the playground at my school. I thought maybe it would be a cool idea to so other people can feel included.” 

The idea came to her after noticing certain equipment is not accessible for everyone, creating a barrier for children and youth to have fun. The Special Swing provides full support for kids aged two-12 who can’t hold their own body on a typical swing.  

“Airdrie’s youth have so many creative and innovative ideas to share,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “The Mayor for a Day Challenge provides an opportunity to not only collect their ideas but to bring them to life and make our city an even better place.” 

Brown went on to talk about what it's like to see Airdrie’s youth come up with these ideas. 

“It's awesome. Just the fact that we go to grade six students and we're getting phenomenal ideas. This one that makes everyone feel welcome, what can be better than that.” 

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