A decade ago, local Dean McCord had his big chance on the hit game show The Price Is Right, but unfortunately, lady luck was not with him as he didn't get the grand prize, though he did walk away with some cash. But as fate would have it, he got another chance to Come on Down!"

McCord was featured on the Superfan episode which aired on Wednesday, February 2. Although he had originally applied to be a contestant on the Redemption, episode which aired in early January, another Calgarian, Trent Cherak was chosen for that particular episode.

Dean McCord is not stranger to the game show The Price is Right, especially since he was on the show a decade ago. (Photo provided by Dean McCord)Dean McCord is no stranger to the game show The Price is Right, especially since he was on the show a decade ago. (Photo provided by Dean McCord)

Initially, there were issues with the production, with shooting being cancelled, but in late November, McCord flew down to Los Angeles for the filming of the show. The studio where the game show is filmed was once called the Carol Burnett studio, but McCord said it was later renamed to be the Bob Barker studio - named after the show's iconic host. 

"I felt like a Hollywood star getting picked up in a Mercedes," he said. "And if you think you're going down for just an hour taping - it's more of a whole day process and you have no idea if you're picked or not, but it was like living a Hollywood dream."

McCord added that while those who watch on T.V. may think the studio is large and roomy, it is in fact, a very small space.

"It looks like Drew [Carey] is walking forever, but it's all right there in front of you. It was just a great experience and it was better than In a decade ago; I won over 10 grand!" McCord said. "It's never a dull moment and it's just positive, fun energy that it's just it's hard to describe because when you get called down you basically forget where you are."

He also happened to grab a bite to eat with Drew Carey and a few of the show's producers.

"He is a genuine, funny, down-to-earth guy. He'll answer any questions you have," McCord said. 

When asked if McCord will use his prize money to add to his expansive Calgary Flames memorabilia collection, which has been deemed the unofficial shrine for the team, he said he is considering it.

"I have enough right now but we'll see. You never know if there's something that catches my eye. I may or may not get it!" he laughed.

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