Among the priorities that Airdrie council will be focusing on this year and into 2026, are economic prosperity, transportation, as well as leisure and recreation.

On Tuesday, city council reviewed the progress that was made in 2023 surrounding the key focus areas and what lies ahead. Council focus areas were established in 2022 and are meant to be markers for areas, 'most needing attention to move forward to the desired future state for the community.' 

"The goal of the overall project is to provide council and senior administration improved progress updates towards the outcomes established for the council focus areas," stated Shelly Weihmann with the City. 


In 2023, a major success story for the city was the completion of the 40th Avenue Interchange, and this will continue to be carried on as documents show what immediate next steps are in transportation initiatives. 

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Completing the 24th Street Functional Study 
  • Updating the Transportation Master Plan 
  • Completing various arterial functional planning studies
  • Enhancing pathways and trails
  • Enhancing intersection safety 
  • Beginning the Yankee Valley Boulevard CP Rail underpass grade separation

According to city documents, while the 2023 opening of the 40th Avenue Interchange was a significant milestone a traffic signals analysis of intersections immediately affected by the new partial interchange has been initiated and will be completed in 2024.

"This work will further enhance the flow of traffic and enable citizens to move around Airdrie safely and easily. Yankee Valley Boulevard is currently scheduled for construction in 2026 subject to budget approvals," city documents stated.

Economic Prosperity 

The are several goals that administration has indicated within Airdrie's economic prosperity focus area, including attracting, retaining, and growing businesses, as well as growing the city's visitor economy, and the improvement of the non-residential to residential assessment ratio.

Some of the more immediate and current initiatives include the commissioning and implementation of one of six projects under the Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) program as well as creating granting mechanisms for Council-adopted Downtown Investment Incentives. 

More long-term goals include a study to quantify infrastructure servicing capacity in northeast Airdrie, as well as creating and growing opportunities in agribusiness, culinary, film, education, sport and festivals.

"The current residential to non-residential assessment ratio is 86:14. Non-residential assessment value increased 8 per cent in 2023 and residential assessment value increased by 18 per cent widening the gap. [The] Municipal Planning Commission approved a Master Site Plan for 400,000 square feet of commercial land development with the opening of the 40 Avenue interchange, creating a substantive non-residential opportunity."

Leisure, Recreation & Culture

The most immediate goal that will buttress this focus area is the completion of the Airdrie multi-use Library and facility, which is slated to be opened in 2025.

Other immediate goals that are set to be completed in the coming year or two include the development of the Northeast Regional Park Masterplan, as well as Southwest Recreation Facility Planning. The building of an artificial turf sports field and an increase in seasonal events for the community are also immediate goals.

Long-term goals include the creation of a Northeast Regional Park design, as well as the beginning of construction on the Southwest Recreation Facility, and the building of Northeast Regional Park.

"The library multi-use facility and future westside recreation centre are key amenities that will serve our community. Community facilities and amenities are needed to meet the demands of Airdrie’s growing population. A revitalized downtown will be a place people want to gather, visit and be, where residents meet and connect socially."

Social engagement and community initiatives 

Other focus areas included a caring, engaged, and informed community. One of the long-term initiatives within these focus areas is the need to update the housing needs assessment, while the more immediate goal is to develop a housing strategy and action plan.

"The most direct way to improve Airdrie’s deficit of affordable below-market homes is by designating land and cash to support capital development. Significant advancements were made on both of these fronts in the fourth quarter of 2023 with Council resolutions to allocate city-owned land for affordable housing as well as establishing an Affordable Housing Reserve Fund."

Another key short-term goal is to develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan for Airdrie, including Indigenous Relations.

Environmental Protection

The immediate goals with environmental protections within the city are conducting an energy audit, as well as a study in which Airdrie is participating to assess the viability of Zero Emission Buses (ZEB). Other longer-term goals include the transition to a Provincial Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program and updating waste management and water efficiency plans.

"The City is exploring opportunities for stormwater re-use for irrigation in new developments and City green spaces. The Water Bylaw is also being updated to better align with the City of Calgary water restrictions and continue to maintain compliance with our Master Service Agreement with the City of Calgary."

With council endorsing the report and key focus areas, the next steps include administration returning to council with measures where data is available. Council will then review the data and provide feedback on what can be done to track the progress and success of the focus areas and create performance-measured reporting. 

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