When comparing Airdrie's gas prices around the province of Alberta, we are always on the high end, but where do we sit when we compare prices to neighbouring provinces?

Right now, Airdrie's gas prices sit around the $1.29 range for regular and $1.62 for diesel. Alberta's average regular gas prices are around $1.29 so we are right in the middle of the mix.

Taking a look at Saskatchewan's prices, our neighbour sits at around $1.46 for regular with Saskatoon siting around $1.47.

British Columbia is in a totally different ballpark, with the average price being around $1.75. Vancouver gas prices sit around $1.79.

Taking a further look towards Eastern Canada, in Ontario, the average regular gas price for the province is $1.51. Toronto is seeing prices almost 10 cents below the average price of around $1.43.

A reason why Alberta's prices could be cheaper is that Alberta's provincial fuel tax is currently not added to the fuel prices.

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