With prices of gas and other utilities having been hiked on April 1, many Airdronians may be looking towards mid-April for a much-needed cash injection via the Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR). However, not everyone may see their rebate arrive on April 15.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, those who filed their taxes electronically on or before March 15 should receive their next CCR payment (formerly known as the Climate Action Incentive payment) on April 15.

"If your tax returns are processed after this date, your payment will be included in a subsequent payment after your return is assessed. If you file after March 15, generally, you can expect to get your CCR payment six to eight weeks after your tax return has been assessed," The CRA's website stated.

For those who did file their taxes on or by March 15, a single individual in Alberta is eligible for $225 in rebates, while $112.50 is expected for a spouse or common-law partner. Other base mounts for Albertans also include:

  • $56.25 per child under 19
  • $112.50 for the first child in a single-parent family

The rural supplement is:

  • $45 for an individual
  • $22.50 for a spouse or common-law partner
  • $11.25 per child under 19
  • $22.50 for the first child in a single-parent family

The rural supplement is 20 per cent of the base amount, although this increase to 20 per cent is pending Royal Assent.

According to the Government of Canada, 'The Canada Carbon Rebate returns fuel charge proceeds to Canadians through direct deposit or cheque, every three months, ensuring most households get more money back, with lower-income households benefiting the most.'

As of this month, a family of four will receive Canada Carbon Rebates of:

  • $1,800 in Alberta ($450 quarterly).
  • $1,200 in Manitoba ($300 quarterly).
  • $1,120 in Ontario ($280 quarterly).
  • $1,504 in Saskatchewan ($376 quarterly).
  • $760 in New Brunswick ($190 quarterly).
  • $824 in Nova Scotia ($206 quarterly).
  • $880 in Prince Edward Island ($220 quarterly); and,
  • $1,192 in Newfoundland and Labrador ($298 quarterly).

The CRA has also reminded residents that if they get their tax refund by direct deposit, they will also get their CCR by direct deposit.

"If you do not receive your CCR on the expected payment date, please wait 10 working days before you contact us," The CRA added.

There are two more payment dates for the CCR in 2024, excluding April; these include July 15 and October 15, 2024.

On April 1, the federal carbon tax rose to $80 per tonne.

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