When the General Manager of Destination Cycles, Josh Radu read an article in Discover Airdrie about Daniel Olson, a man who had been collecting Hot Wheels cars for several years and was now willing to part ways with them by giving them to charity, Radu immediately decided to reach out. 

After Radu made the necessary arrangements with Olson's employer, since the 5,000 some cars had all been stored away in boxes at Olson's place of employment, he was able to take 30 boxes of the model toy cars as part of Destination Cycles toy drive for the Alberta Children's Hospital. From the 30 boxes, Radu has now amassed another 2,500 toys to add to his mountain of toys that is hiding a full-sized motorbike and side-car. 

"The neat part is, of course, in Dan's Hot Wheels collection, there's a lot of motorcycles, so it really fits into what we are doing," Radu said. "To add over 2,000 individual toys to our donation; it'll be hands down our biggest best year for the toy drive if you're just looking at it from a number standpoint."

Josh Radu of Destination Cycles was able to receive a few thousand cars from a local man who was wanting to donate them to charity. (Photo provided by Josh Radu)Josh Radu of Destination Cycles was able to receive a few thousand cars from a local man who was wanting to donate them to charity. (Photo provided by Josh Radu)

Radu said that the timing of the story that he read was almost kismet-like, considering the fact that Destination Cycles is in their final week of collecting toys for their toy drive, but it is also a time to reflect on how the toy drive came to be.

"Christmas is great. It's about family and spending time with family. Unfortunately, one of my kids spent a good chunk of Christmas in the Children's Hospital at one point, which was why we started doing this toy drive. This is something neat that we could do to give back," he said. "With Christmas and the idea of giving; all the unfortunate kids that have to be in the Children's hospital over Christmas. It doesn't make up for that, but it helps."

Radu, who himself is a Hot Wheels fan said it is only natural to be a bit of a 'gearhead' being in the industry he is in.

"The Hot Wheels cars - I mean of course growing up, I had lots of micro-machines and Hot Wheels. It's pretty cool on a personal level to look through 30 plus boxes of Hot Wheels and over 2000 individual ones and see all the different cool stuff."

Though Radu was not able to personally thank Olson as Olson himself did not want to be lauded for what he undertook, Discover Airdrie received e-mails and messages from across the globe inquiring about the incredible story and collection of cars, each expressing heartfelt thanks to Olson for sharing the incredible story that centred around Olson's love for his wife and his want to do something in her name. 

The remaining of Olson's cars were donated to other charities including a charity in Red Deer in which hundreds of the toys will be handed out to kids in schools as well as other local companies that will be giving the toys away to children. 

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