For the first time in its history, a player of the Jr C Dragons hockey team was recently awarded a scholarship from the Friends of the Alberta Junior Hockey Society. 21-year-old Airdrie hockey player, J.T. Luterbach was the proud recipient of the scholarship. 

Luterbach, who is halfway through his electrical engineering studies at the University of Calgary has a near-perfect GPA (Grade point average), said is around 3.98.

"I was definitely excited [when I found out about the scholarship]. I think it was cool to be able to connect and have an opportunity for a scholarship through hockey," he said. 

Melanie Shuya, Manager of the Jr C Dragons said the scholarship underscores the importance of allowing young people to focus on schooling.

"He's been a star on the team," Shuya said.

Luterbach added that with this scholarship, he will be able to focus on his two passions - hockey and his studies (save for baseball which is a summertime passion)

"I know in engineering, it's quite difficult to even have a part-time job while you're taking courses; getting a scholarship like this really helps cover those costs and lets you kind of worrying about financials and having to work during the semester."

The Friends of the AJH Society have been giving scholarships out since 1983 and have given out more than $1,121,000 in total over the years. The scholarships are presented to individuals who are attending post-secondary schools in Alberta on a full-time basis and are also continuing to play a high level of hockey. 

The award was presented by Bob Green, Jean Green, Ken Kindrachuk and the Jr C Governor, Cathy Hosowich.

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