Rocky View Schools is reminding parents that after September 29, if they do not have the most current version of the Bus Status application installed on their mobile phones, they will no longer receive important notifications.

"The new Bus Status app [has] an important change that requires parents to download the new app and choose their preferences. The Bus Status app currently installed on your phone will not update automatically to the new version of the app. Parents must go to the App Store or Google Play to download the new app," RVS stated on its website.

Parents were also previously encouraged to register for bus service before August 15 to ensure bus service on the first day of school. RVS warned, that those who registered after this date may experience delays of two to three weeks wit regard to service.

Rocky View Schools Division's school year starts on Tuesday, September 5, although school offices will begin opening throughout this week, with all offices open the week of August 28.  

With kids heading back to school, it is also important for motorists to be aware of school and playground zones. The City of Airdrie's traffic bylaw states that 30 kilometres per hour is the maximum speed limit in a school zone or playground zone. School zones are in effect from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on any day that school is held.

The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is also reminding motorists to be mindful of playground zones, often located close to school zones. Playground zones are indicated by a yellow and black diamond-shaped warning sign and are usually located in close proximity to school zones. Be aware that:

  • These are in effect every day of the year from 8:30 a.m. to one hour after sunset
  • The speed limit is 30km/h unless otherwise posted
  • You cannot pass another vehicle travelling in the same direction

Other safety tips from the AMA include:

  • Watching out around busses: Due to busses having blind spots and not being able to maneuver easily, one should always be aware of them on the road and that they may be loading or unloading children.  

  • Be mindful that there will be more pedestrian traffic in school and playground zones:  Motorists should scan between parked cars, avoid bus zones, and do not stop or make U-turns near crosswalks.

  • Drive distraction-free: According to AMA one out of every three collisions is a result of driver distraction. 

  • Turn Off Your Idling Vehicle: Unnecessary idling creates a health hazard for children, and wastes fuel.