Some local businesses are stepping up to help out after one of the Airdrie Little League buildings was damaged by vandals over the weekend.

“They managed to dump and damage both of our porta potties, one of our storage sheds they managed to open it,” Airdrie Little League president Ibbotson explained.

“They took some of our equipment like line makers and threw them into the pond after making a considerable mess with them, and then damaged the shed itself by ripping off the siding and shingles and the sort.”

Ibbotson estimates around $2,000 in damage was done. It’s the third time this year the little league group has been targeted by vandals.

Second Generation Exteriors is one of the businesses offering to help with the repairs. Owner Brad Lambert said he doesn't want to see Airdrie Little League footing the bill for the project.

“With stuff like vandalism, most of the time it’s younger kids who just don’t have an opportunity to [play baseball],” said Lambert “So if I can help and keep some costs down, maybe those kids end up playing baseball rather than going out and doing vandalism and everything else.”

Lambert said it's great to see the business community step up in times of need.

“It’s just nice to be able to give back,” said Lambert. “If you have the capacity in your business to do something and help somebody then why not?”

Airdrie Little League said a couple of other businesses also came forward to offer support but didn't want to mention who.


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