Siblings, Gaurav and Gobind Singh have been named as the Valedictorians this year for Bert Church High School.

The brothers are very honoured to be named Valedictorians and will do their best to honour their classmates and make everybody proud.

"For me, it's not just a personal achievement, but I think it recognizes the collective efforts and support of my family, teachers and peers," stated Gaurav. His brother mentioned the same and added that he would also like to thank his family, teachers and peers for encouraging him to pursue valedictorian.

Gaurav explained how grateful he is that he gets to share the title with his brother.

"We have been each other's greatest supports. This shared achievement is a testament to our mutual encouragement and dedication. So we feel it's not just celebrating individual success, but the bond of our family. So it makes the milestone that much more meaningful."

Making sure they had good grades was not the only thing the brothers did at Bert Church during their high school life. The brothers were involved with the Youth Airdrie Mentorship Program.

"I helped organize some of the workshops for younger children and cultural events," mentioned Gaurav. "I am also helping organize the youth multicultural festival. This year is the third annual event and it's going to be held on Canada Day."

During their diploma exams in January, the brothers got 100 per cent on their Chemistry 30 and Math 30-1 tests.

Gobind has a strong passion for instruments and hopes to learn more six-stringed instruments in the future. Gobind was an emcee for last year's graduation ceremony. Looking back at his high school life, Gaurav stated it was a really rewarding journey for them both.

"What I enjoyed most was the sense of community and collaborative spirit among students and teachers. It helped foster a supportive environment where we could thrive. I was always motivated to come to school because of my hard-working teachers and also because of my sincere interest in math and sciences."

Once high school is over and done with, the brothers plan to attend the University of Calgary to study biochemistry and become Airdrie pharmacists.

When asked about what their message would be to their classmates during their speech,  Gaurav explained it's important to be resilient and have a mindset that will allow you to grow.

"To prioritize your passions, surround yourself with positive influences, and always strive for excellence in whatever you pursue. But above all, I think it's important to take care and maintain our relationships with friends and family, and always be willing to help others."

Gobind finished off by saying it's always important to be thankful for the gift of life and that relationships are the outlet to make the biggest impact. They both also wanted to thank everybody who has helped them once again get to where they are, which is the Valedictorians of Bert Church High School for the 2023-24 school year.

The school's graduation ceremony is taking place on May 24 at Genesis Place.

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