With the announcement that the Toad n Turtle Pubhouse & Grill (1900 Market St) would be shuttering its doors, there are questions about whether events that were previously held at the location will be going ahead next year - namely the Airdrie Fire Department's annual Rooftop Campout for Muscular Dystrophy.

Andrew MacPherson, the Charities President of Airdrie Firefighters Charitable Foundation who is one of the main organizers of the event said that he found out about the closure of the pub through social media.

"It was definitely kind of a surprise. There are two options for the campout. [We] either see what ends up in the [space] and see if they [the new owners or business] are interested or option B is to do it somewhere else in the city," MacPherson said. "I think we'll just maybe play it by ear and just see what see what happens with it first, and then go from there."

On May 19, the Toad n Turtle announced on social media that after 11 years of being the community, they would be closing down.

aThe Toad n Turtle Pubhouse & Grill announced earlier this month on their social media that it would be closing. (Screenshot by Anna Ferensowicz)

MacPherson added that the last several firefighter rooftop campouts were held at the Toad n Turtle and before that, it was a Boston Pizza location in the city. MacPherson said that because the assumption was that future campouts would be held at the Toad n Turtle there was no reason to solicit other businesses for their interest in becoming potential hosts. When asked if there is a chance that the rooftop campout would not resume next year, he said that each year there is a re-evaluation of the event.

"We do it every year and we ask ourselves if we should do it again the next year or if we've overstayed our welcome. But we also look into whether there are new kinds of ventures out there in order to raise money," he said. "So, that's always on the table of not even having it [the rooftop campout] in general. Combined with this [closure], it's a possibility for sure."

When asked if there is a possibility of organizing the campout atop one of the fire halls, MacPherson said that logistically it would be difficult. 

"Chinook Winds [fire hall] is pretty high [height-wise] up there. The Kings Heights hall is kind of out of the way, and with the Veteran's [Boulevard] fire hall, it's difficult to get close to the ledge and there's limited parking. If people want to stop for donations, there's just no place to park," MacPherson said. "It's just the logistics. I can't see it happening to be honest."

Both the Toad n Turtle's Facebook page and their Google listing show it as permanently closed. 

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