It's hard enough for most of us to get up and face a snow-covered sidewalk that needs to be cleared during our recent bout of extreme cold weather.  

Now, just imagine clearing other people's and businesses walks for a living, even if it's only a part-time job like it is for Jordan Wheaton.  

Wheaton's part-time winter gig is doing snow removal maintenance, clearing walks with a blower for Clay Lawn and Snow.  He was up and doing his job early on Saturday morning while the temperature hovered around minus 27 with a wind chill approaching minus 40.  Wheaton described the day as "a little brisk."

Wheaton says he and his snow removing counterparts don't have any trade secrets for staying warm on cold weather days.  He says there's just one way to do it.  "Keep moving."  

Maybe there are actually two ways to do it he says.  "Keep moving and then try to warm up in the truck between sites sort of thing.  Usually, it's not too bad actually.  It feels a lot colder but, as soon as you start moving it's not too bad."

The cold certainly doesn't guarantee an abundance of snow to remove.  Wheaton says although his is only a part-time job and he's kept busy elsewhere during the winter, snow removers take the work when it's available.

"When the work comes, there's usually a lot of it and you take it when you can.  then it's pretty slow for a while."

According to Wheaton, there are certain advantages to removing snow when it's colder than a polar beat's toenails outside.  "I like it when the snow blows and gets removed easily.  Sometimes when it's cold the snow's nice and dry so it'll blow quicker.   Sort of depends on how it comes clean basically."

Before we let him get back to work, Wheaton offers these parting words of advice for anyone else who must spend some time outdoors in brutally cold weather.  "Bundle up, stay moving and stay dry.  That's a big thing, when you get wet and cold it's really bad."

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