Airdrie Municipal enforcement has revealed that since the beginning of the city's street sweeping program began, they have issued 421 street sweeping tickets, while 433 vehicles were towed.

Municipal Enforcement Officer, Sgt. Brad Tomlinson said that while there has been a growth in tickets and towing when looking year-to-year, he noted that this is to be expected with a growing populace, as well as expanded construction areas.

"We don't necessarily read directly into that because it's increasing every year, but there was a comparable amount; it's just steadily increasing," he said. "The discrepancy in the [numbers] is out-of-province vehicles; that data is just not recorded in the same area because we have to do those in a paper form still.

Tickets issued cost vehicle owners $75, though he added that vehicles towed are not towed to an impound lot, but are simply towed to a different area in a particular neighbourhood. When asked if there were instances of belligerent residents, Sgt. Tomlinson said that for the most part, people are understanding of officers, especially when given an explanation.

"... We navigate that, come out and meet with the residents and just explain what's going on and the residents often, once they understand... we always find a resolution there."

Airdrie's street sweeping program began several days later this year in comparison to 2023 and is slated to end in early June. However, an interactive city map appears to show that most neighbourhoods and areas have been completed as of May 23.

aaaAs of May 23, an interactive map of the city appears to show that most of Airdrie's neighbourhoods have now been cleaned in terms of street sweeping. (Graphic credit to City of Airdrie) 

The City continues to remind residents that 48 hours prior to the sweeping, road signs will be placed at entrances into subdivisions that are scheduled to be swept.

"Watch for large orange signs as they will indicate when sweeping will occur in your area. If inclement weather doesn't allow for sweeping to begin or be completed on the dates posted, signs will be updated to reflect this."

Other things residents are reminded of, are to obey construction signs, as well as to slow down and use caution when approaching or passing equipment.

"Remove ramps or other obstructions from the gutter in front of your driveway, basketball hoops etc. Don’t sweep your driveway and sidewalk debris onto the road," The City added.

Residents are also asked to remove their advertising signs from boulevards and medians. It's also important to remember to maintain vegetation, including trees and shrubs as well as other structures that may obstruct equipment on the road right-of-way.

The City's Roads Department does not sweep private parking lots, and residents living in townhouses or condo complexes do not need to move their vehicles if parked on-site. However, vehicles parked on the street must be moved.

According to the City, there are three phases of cleaning. The first phase includes sweeping arterial roads, boulevards and medians, while the second phase consists of sweeping all collectors and residential streets. The third and final phase consists of sweeping green streets & paved alleys (after residential roads).

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